BlueSail Global Services, Inc.


Integrity - Accountability - Growth

"A highly effective business model motivated by a passion for success" 

The BlueSail hybrid business model is a convergence of traditional methods coupled with a keen sense of technology to provide "best in class" services to support and maintain strategic relationships with our clients key global customers.

Designed around efficiency, defined processes and exceptional customer service experiences.  BlueSail's approach to business development and global account management has proven itself to be extremely successful for our clients; thereby increasing their competitive edge, strengthening customer relationships and maximizing revenue. 

BlueSail has a proven track record in creating and managing ongoing, successful partnerships that have resulted in substantial revenue growth. 

Advantages to Hybrid Model

Direct and Consistent Daily Interaction With Clients

Liasion between Client and Key Account, supporting all multinational logistics

Ability to build and sustain a collaborative culture with a Remote Team

Ensuring that all clients resources are used wisely, eliminating a need for third party support

Systems and Tools Designed to Capture, Sustain, Trace and Close all business opportunities

Flexible and Diligent, Real-Time Communication



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